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November 21st

source maps Yury completed a prototype of scope and variable mapping. The proof of concept maps let and const variables from the generated scope into original scopes. This builds on the work to map minified variables where original variable names and original variable names are swapped at runtime. We think that we will be able to cover additional cases in 2018 so that users see the original variable names and values when they’re paused! pretty printing Assaf hacked on pretty printing last week and it’s now much better! The debugger now auto-pretty-prints minified sources. We’ll have a preference for disabling it next week. Debugger also upgraded acorn, which has support for pretty printing template strings.

November 14th

performance This week we landed the architectural performance work, which lets the debugger UI show initial pause data like pause line and frames, before fetching scopes and re-mapping locations.

We also landed a similar optimization where we no longer try to parse and traverse the files before showing the source text. Previously, the parser would block for up to 10 seconds while parsing large files. Yikes!

code health This week was a big week for code health. We upgraded to flow 57, added license headers to all of our files, and switched to using object spread universally.

Also, in an effort to reduce our bundle size, we dropped react-immutable-proptypes and stopped using devtools-launchpad for showing context menus. We’re now using the launchpad in just one spot and should be able to remove it soon. When we do, the bundle size will get 20% smaller!

preview* We landed 3 big fixes for preview this week. The craziest bug was an issue, which Ted Campbell filed, 6 weeks ago where clicking a link in the scopes pane would literally navigate you away from the debugger and to the page as opposed to opening a new tab. This of course is terrible, because the debugger is NOT a browser.

Another, important fix was with showing local scopes. Jim blandy fixed a bug, which was introduced in August where the frame finished variables like return and thrown were no longer being shown. We now have unit test and integration test coverage to catch this in the future! The tests are really great too :)

The last item, is more of a fun feature than anything else. But because we parse the original source text with babel, it was possible that you could hover on a function param, which has a flow type. Previously we would highlight the type as well, but now we’re smarter and just highlight the param. Check out a video of how Jason fixed it!

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This week we had 25 contributors and 30+ PRs.

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lots happened since the last update:

Types and Tests Review

June 20th

It’s been a quieter week than last week. This weeks highlights include:

June 13th

We focused this week on getting lots of bugfixes and community prs in

June 6th

This was a really great week for QA improvements as the debugger is getting more stable each week.

May 23rd

We focused this week on UI polish, bug fixing, and performance as we focus on getting ready for the June 15th Firefox 55 release.

May 16th

Here are some highlights from the week:

When the World Stops

One of the most interesting debugger questions is what happens when the debugger stops? This post is a quick run-through that will give you some context so that you can dig in and answer your own questions.

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