November 7

28 commits

@stratigos, @amelzer, @lukaszsobek, @jasonLaster, @princiya, @tohmjudson, @nyrosmith, @codehag, @James300, @sharathnarayanph


This week we started optimistically clearing the pause state when we step, which eagerly clears the UI and prepares it for another step. We also defer fetching and mapping scopes when the debugger pauses, which makes the UI a bit snappier.

User visible

Some of our contributors did some great tweaks to the visuals of the debugger. We now have better JSX syntax highlighting thanks to @nyrosmith

Line numbers
toggle panel collapse

[line-numbers]: [toggle-panel]:


We devoted some of our time to improving our airtable config. Airtable will allow us to better manage our open source work / github progress, as well as give us faster access to what has happened over the past week.


Code health

This week we did quite a bit of redux refactoring and split up reducers that were taking on too much responsibility.


The biggest fix we had this week was done by @nyrosmith, who noticed that our breakpoints were not responding when the page was reloaded. This turned out to be an issue with how breakpoints were being synced, and could have been avoided if we were stricter with our types!