February 28th


Last week was nothing short or epic.

  1. We made tons of progress on function search, text search, and editor preview
  2. We squashed mountains of UI and perf bugs
  3. We added great features to the scopes pane
  4. We focused on integration testing and general QA.

There’s no way we could have gotten this done without the help of many people: @rrandom, @arthur801031, @bomsy, @wldcordeiro, @jryans, @irfanhudda, @soapdog, @amitzur, @juliandescottes, @Garbee, @zystvan, @najamkhn, @jcreighton, @jbhoosreddy, @tromey, @ryanjduffy, @sole, @lasfin!


We fixed UI bugs ranging from themes, to accessibility, to RTL. It was an unbelievable team effort.

Bug Fixes

Thanks @juliandescottes, @bomsy, @irfanhudda for coming in and fixing some pretty embarrassing bugs!

Text search cmd+f is a surprisingly challenging feature that we’ve been working on since September. This week, we nailed down some of the most complicated behavior around iterating through results, especially when cursor state changes.

Function Search was a stretch goal for our release going into the week. Thanks to babel.js having a fantastic API and the heroic effort of @clarkbw and @wldcordeiro on the UI we’ll be able to launch a really beautiful feature.


The scopes component is one of the most used features of a Debugger and also introduces some of the most complexity. This week we looked at showing promises, large arrays, sparse arrays. @Bomsy also tackled keeping variables expanded as the debugger steps through the code. This was a difficulty hard bug!

Editor Preview

Editor Preview is the one new must have feature of the release. We were blocked on adding the feature, while we waited for parser support. This week we built a fantastic V1, which supports hovering on local variables and a really nice custom preview for functions and objects. In the case of functions, we also provide a link to the function definition.






Persist Scopes
Editor Preview
Text Search