March 14th

This week we made progress on several key features: File Search and Preview. File Search got variable search and a lot faster. Preview got support for showing this and made progress towards properties.

We also migrated to Jest and got lots of polish from many nice folks!

@arthur801031, @jasonLaster, @jcreighton, @DanUgelow, @wldcordeiro, @aklt, @bomsy, @montogeek, @MarkPollmann, @jbhoosreddy, @jryans, @ThomasCrevoisier, @AnshulMalik, @rrandom, @magsout, @clarkbw, @amitzur, @irfanhudda, @ryanjduffy


There were a lot of papercut fixes this week from seven different people. The end result is that the debugger is feeling better every day.

I especially appreciate Mark’s fix for large array buckets in RTL, which shows just how many edge cases there are in a debugger!

Also, big thanks to Dan and Guillaume, who’s first PRs make the UI feel much more solid. Dan, lined up toggle buttons and command bar buttons and Guillaume fixed the way we calculated the Editor Height to reflect the footer.


We’re continue to add support for new languages and clean up some UI interaction like context menus.

File search continues to get a lot of love. We now support variable search in addition to function search. We also did a lot of UI and UX polish!


Preview is the other major feature that received a lot of love. We made progression previewing member expressions, which in practice is every object property like We also, landed support for preview this, which is a special property.


The two big infrastructure wins this week were:

  1. switching to Jest, which will let us write unit tests for react components, gather coverage metrics, and write better tests with their mock library.
  2. moving our source map worker to a separate package. This will let tools like the console and perf get source map support. I also hope other project will use it to translate bundle addresses into original addresses for instance debugger.js#L2222 => Editor/Searchbar.js#L12

ES6 Refactoring

We continue to chip away at converting our source code to ES6 modules and classes. Big thanks to @AnshulMalik who’s making a lot of progress here!


Clojure Syntax

Old New
old-clojure new-clojure

Editor Polish


Dark Theme Polish

Before After
new-ui old-ui