March 7th

We released the new Debugger this week! We also added lots of polish to the UI to improve the look and feel.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the release possible and chipped in on last minute polish @wldcordeiro, @julienw, @ThomasCrevoisier, @amitzur, @jcreighton, @zystvan, @juliandescottes, @tromey, @AlanCezarAraujo, @irfanhudda, @rrandom


We focused mostly on dark theme, vertical mode, and the new search bar and preview. Special shoutout to @amitzur who landed a great editor popup for previewing variables.

Function search took a big jump this week. It now supports searching for ES6 shorthand functions, class methods, and a whole assortment of function types making it the best function search available. Expect more wins in this department as babel is really great for this kind of work.


We’re continuing to fix the embarrassing bugs. This pause on exception bug was a long standing bug where the pause button would stay highlighted when the debugger opened even if the debugger was not going to pause on exceptions.


The most frustrating aspect of last week was integrating with mozilla-central and getting the tests to pass consistently on different platforms in debug mode. We disabled visible checks and the new web test runner tests, which were causing some intermittents.

Preview Popup
Dark Theme Updates

ES6 Shorthand & Class Methods

// ES6 shorthand
const TodoView = Backbone.View.extend({
  doThing() {

// classes
class Test {
  constructor() { = "foo"