April 4th

This week we landed some nice features and had help from new contributors.

@jasonLaster, @irfanhudda, @Erica42, @wldcordeiro, @clarkbw, @jeffpape, @willr, @jacobjzhang, @NikoLewis, @jryans, @bomsy, @ruturajv, @DanUgelow, @peterschussheim, @ryanjduffy, @kristoforusrp, @AlanCezarAraujo, @gabrielluong



We built an MVP blackboxing solution this week that supports black boxing sources and hiding frames from that file. Some of the UI highlights are:

(WIP) Add Blackbox - @jasonLaster

Source Outline

Gabriel started working on a source outline view, which will show a sources functions in the left sidebar. We hope this will help users find the function they want to debug a little faster.

Add initial source outline - @gabrielluong


Have you ever noticed that you could hover over random variables while paused and see a popup preview? Ryan added a fantastic feature to preview to first check if a variable was in the paused scope before showing the preview popup.

Prevent previewing tokens out of scope of the selected frame - @ryanjduffy



Prettier improvements