May 16th Update

Here are some highlights from the week:

Also, a warm welcome to Yulia who joined the team last week. She’s already helped us up our testing game and wrangle saved breakpoints! :wave:

And thanks to everyone who contributed last week @diessica, @galtalmor, @codehag, @bomsy, @ohana54, @tromey, @sharathnarayanph, @Sequoia, @wooorm, @karthikJagadeesh, @peterschussheim, @roieu!


This week we focused on tidying up the look and feel of the debugger. One of the highlights was the Tabs polish from @diessica. As a side note, it was great to see percy pick up on all of the UI tweaks and help inform the process.

Bug Fixes

As we get closer to launching, we’re increasingly focusing on bug fixes. This week we fixed some really big bugs with saved breakpoints, tabs, and preview.

Column Breakpoints

We’re continuing to chip away at column breakpoints. This week we added an improved breakpoint marker and now show the column number in the breakpoint list.




Function Highlighting


Polished Tabs


Node Frames


Pause line