June 13th

We focused this week on getting lots of bugfixes and community prs in

Thanks to everyone who helped out @zaggy, @jasonLaster, @codehag, @ryanjduffy, @jbhoosreddy, @peterschussheim, @ofiron01, @anbarasiu, @borisstgermain, @clarkbw, @andreicristianpetcu, @amelzer, @amitzur


A few UI adjustments and additions. We are continuing on with adding more frameworks to the callstack, and small styling adjustments. Also some great work done on the Outline view, which is looking like its ready to go for nightly!

We are adjusting the searchbar functionality. Along with fixing up some behavior, we are now going to have an Atom style modal for symbol searches.


Some polishing on the editor and function preview


We released a new version of the debugger this week to nightly


There were a few open issues with breakpoints from last week, including sliding breakpoints on the refresh of the debuggee, and problems with the column breakpoint. Those have been resolved


We had a failing ast test for quite some time, and that has now been fixed



Lots of work keeping up to date with our libraries.

Code Health

We did some work to improve our code health, especially updating the flow library and making our types more specific