June 6th

This was a really great week for QA improvements as the debugger is getting more stable each week.

Thanks to everyone who helped out @bomsy, @irfanhudda, @peterschussheim, @amelzer, @codehag


Out Of Scope Locations

We are now disabling the code that’s out of scope when you pause. This is a really nice win for users because it is more clear what code they should look at. It also means that other code is not a minefield for popups. We can prevent preview popups when they hover over other code.


Preview got a lot of love last week. We fixed a bug where HTML elements were not being previewed. We also, refactored the way we get the preview, which makes it significantly faster and more robust. And we tidied up how promises were shown and the alignment of keys!

Outline View

Anna helped us add outline view tabs for toggling between sources and outline view. PR

We started working on project text search, which is one of the major parity features missing today. PR - @jasonLaster


We fixed a bug where if you were debugging your app which used source maps, you would pause in random places when you changed your code. This happened because the debugger server stored breakpoints in bundle (generated) locations and the client kept them in (mapped locations) original. bug - @codehag



HTML Elements are previewed :)