August 1st

This week was the last week before the debugger goes to dev edition. Huge thanks to everyone who chipped in and fixed a bug or polished a rough edge.

@bomsy, @yurydelendik, @Garbee, @wldcordeiro, @darkwing, @irfanhudda, @jasonLaster, @codehag,


This week again we focused on polish, making the ui look more consistent, and smaller fixes rather than large features. We had some great progress on the behavior of the SymbolModal (Thanks @wldcordeiro!), Expressions. This has put us in a really good spot, and we are looking forward to continuing to improve the UI

Symbol Modal: animated-modal

Dark Theme Tweaks

Dark Theme Tweaks: dark-theme-tweaks

Bug Fixes

This was the final week before the release for 65 and we fixed lots of presentational bugs.

@Garbee fixed a bug where the command bar would start scrolling even though it was position sticky. In the process he added a test case to the CSS spec issue filed against the sticky property. We also fixed bugs with almost every component: call stack, source tree, editor, codemirror.

@bomsy did some amazing work in getting project search ready to go. Lots of improvements and ui fixes. We should be able to land this in the next milestone!

Keyboard access: keyboard-access