August 29

This week marks the completion of our JSX conversion. It was a community effort and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. We also moved forward with async stepping and AST breakpoints. Improvements were made to our testing infrastructure. Finally, we have made some improvements to the preview startup display. Thanks to everyone who helped this week! @jasonLaster, @darkwing, @rohanprasad, @codehag, @hughugsy, @bomsy,@wldcordeiro, @juliandescottes, @sharathnarayanph


We managed some progress on the Async stepping feature, and on AST breakpoints, as well as some great new contributor features such as improving our UI buttons with a hover state (thanks @rohanprasad!) and labels to help users find search functions (Thanks @hughugsy!)

Async Stepping

Async Stepping will let the debugger step over, and into async functions. It takes advantage of our babel client integration to figure out when we’re paused at async functions and where we want to step to next. Congrats to Jaideep who has made tons of progress landing the underlying utils and command integrations. He’s currently ironing out this rough edges with stepping, but it’s getting close.

AST Breakpoints

Yulia started working on AST Breakpoints, which will be a magical auto-correcting breakpoint feature. We currently pin breakpoints to original locations, so when the user changes another file, the breakpoint does not move. With AST Breakpoints we will pin the breakpoint to the function it is in, so changes to the file will no longer move the breakpoint!


Our work on bugs was this week was partially about bugs infrastructure. @jasonLaster added a script to help debug intermittent bugs, and @juliandescottes added @flodolo to help us with translations

screen shot 2017-08-24 at 12 20 15 am

JSX conversion

We have completed our move to JSX, huge thank you to @darkwing and @wldcordero for their hard work!


We have improved our eslint config to automatically fix obvious errors that do not need human intervention, and to lint for the use of let and const. There have also been improvements to our mochitest runner