September 26th

This is a summary of the past 3 weeks. So it will be a bit longer than usual (101 PRs)

@darkwing, @gabrielluong, @jasonLaster, @bomsy, @Marcool04, @Fischer-L, @nyrosmith, @abhinav-koppula, @oferpa, @yurydelendik, @elpddev, @zacck, @tromey, @wldcordeiro, @sarahlim, @Anzumana, @nchevobbe, @inyigo, @khal0988, @James300, @samuel-peers, @danieltucunduva, @GarethSharpe

UCOSP Students

We’re partnering with 5 college students this semester. The program kicked off this weekend with a code sprint and the group hit the ground running. Here is a list of their contributions so far. The plan is to focus on features for frameworks, which will be pretty amazing!



@nyrosmith added a few new mouse shortcuts, to make it easier for users to seamlessly interact with the debugger.


@Fischer-L did some great work making our preview more robust so that you can’t hover on syntax.

Outline View

@sarahlim started working on showing React Components in the outline view. The first step was to add a class field to our function symbols.


Gabriel and Victoria refreshed the debugger UI to be consistent with the new Firefox UI. It looks pretty great!

Project Search tons to get a lot of love and is now much faster and more pleasing on the eyes!

Watch Expressions

Watch Expressions are a power user feature for evaluating expressions when the debugger pauses and resumes. It turns out that, if you’re also using another advanced feature (pause on exceptions), you can enter a really bad state if the expression throws an exception.

We fixed this last week by wrapping expressions in a try catch. We’re also doing a parse step to check for syntax errors.

Context Menu

Context Menu was also improved, making it easier to see which context menu items are related to the same actions, which in turn makes it easier to use!

Map Minified variables

We’re working on mapping minified variable names, so when you pause you can hover on variables and see the correct value. You’ll also see the expanded variable names in scopes.

List Workers


Yura helped us add some accessibility issues, which will help us improve our keyboard navigation and be more screen reader friendly.


We fixed a pretty terrible / funny bug where links in the debugger would navigate in the panel. Therefore replacing the debugger w/ that new page!!!


We’re spending some time ironing out the rough edges of saved breakpoints. There are lots of cases where on reload we need to move breakpoints to the new correct location. Also, converting between original and generated locations should not cause a different location.





Code Health