Those principles guide you while you design and build the next generation of Firefox products.

Illustration symbolizing Adaptable. (3 sliding controllers)


Firefox products should adapt themselves to anyone, from new users (simple controls, help/encouragement in using features) to seasoned Mozillians (customization/control of the entire browser experience).

Illustration symbolizing Quick. (a Stopwatch)


Firefox products should look and feel fast! From task completion to icon animation, Firefox products are the most responsive and modern tools.

Illustration symbolizing Aware. (A persons head with lines radiating from it.)


Firefox products are vigilant on behalf of users, providing tools to keep them safe while helping them browse better. Firefox products are also perceptive, and look for signals from users before deciding how to act.

Illustration symbolizing Approachable. (A person with a broad smile and closed eyes.)


Firefox products are open, welcoming, and inclusive.

Illustration symbolizing Supportive. (Two speech bubbles, one from the left overlaying one from the right.)


Firefox products understand user needs and desires, supporting them with relevant experiences. Firefox products should be helpful in both proactive and passive ways.

Illustration symbolizing Whimsical. (Three four-pointed stars or sparkles.)


Firefox products are fun to use! Our products delight the user in both expected and unexpected ways.